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Research Metrics: Web of Science

Web of Science

The Web of Science database, developed by Clarivate Analytics, is a multidisciplinary academic database that provides access to an extensive collection of scholarly research literature. It encompasses a wide range of disciplines, including natural sciences, social sciences, arts, and humanities.

Web of Science provides several features that allow users to assess research performance:



Citation Counts

Users can view the number of times a specific paper has been cited by other researchers. This metric is often used to measure the impact and influence of a particular study.

Citation Reports

Detailed information about a researcher's or institution's citation performance. This includes citation trends, collaboration patterns, and more.

Author Profiles

Researchers can create author profiles to showcase their publications, citation metrics, and affiliations. This can be useful for building a professional online presence and networking with other researchers.

Citation Maps

Citation maps visually display the relationships between papers, showing which papers have cited or have been cited by a particular paper. This can help researchers understand the context and impact of their work.


ResearcherID is a unique identifier associated with a researcher's profile in Web of Science. It helps distinguish researchers with similar names and ensures proper attribution of their work.

You can access Scopus via our Library Search interface.

 In order to use the platform most effectively (including gaining the ability to save searches), it is recommended that you register for an account with Clarivate before using the platform.

For further help or questions relating to Web of Science please contact the Library's Research Services team

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