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Research Metrics: Altmetric Explorer

What is Altmetric Explorer?

Altmetric Explorer is a platform which provides access to alternative metrics. These provide a record of how your research has been shared and discussed online. They can help you to understand: 

  • Who is talking about a piece of research

  • How often they are discussing that research

  • What’s being said about that research

Use this platform to provide insights into the online visibility and engagement of research outputs such as academic articles, books, and datasets. Altmetric Explorer tracks mentions, shares, and discussions across various online sources, including social media, news outlets, blogs, and more.

The Badge and attention score are the most recognisable feature of the platform.  A higher score indicates higher volumes of attention, and the different colours represent the different sources in which the article has been mentioned.



The platform also provides access to the following features: 




Real-time Tracking 

Monitor online mentions and engagement with your research in real-time. 

Multi-source Data 

Gather data from a wide range of sources, including social media, news, blogs, policy documents, and academic platforms. 

Comprehensive Metrics 

Access a variety of metrics, such as Altmetric Attention Score, to assess the reach and influence of your research. 

Customisable Alerts 

Set up personalised alerts to stay informed about new mentions and trends related to your research interests. 

Competitor Analysis 

Compare your research impact with that of your peers and competitors. 

Advanced Filtering 

Refine your search results with advanced filters for precise analysis. 

Data Export 

Export data and reports in various formats for further analysis and reporting. 

Integration Options 

Seamlessly integrate Altmetric Explorer with your existing research management tools and systems. 

Collaborative Workspace 

Collaborate with colleagues and team members by sharing data and insights. 

Access Altmetric Explorer via the link from Altmetric. 

You will need to create an account using your University of Manchester email address in order to use the platform.

Altmetric Explorer and Research Explorer: discover more about how Altmetric Explorer interact's with the University of Manchester's research database – Research Explorer.

Produced by the LIS Bibliometrics community this guide includes recommendations on how to use the data available within Altmetric Explorer in a responsible manner. The guide is designed for those who want to understand the broader online engagement with research publications beyond traditional scholarly citations, also known as bibliometrics, but who also want to avoid misusing, misinterpreting, or abusing Altmetric data when making decisions, creating policies, and evaluating faculty members and researchers at their institutions. 

For further help or questions relating to Altmetric Explorer please contact the Library's Research Services team.

Creative Commons Licence This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International Licence.