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Education: Books

How do I access my reading lists?

You can access your course reading lists in Blackboard. Log in via MyManchester, then click the ‘Reading Lists Online’ link in the left-hand menu to see your lists, or use the link below:

Locating and Borrowing Books

pile of books in hand

Find help and support with all aspects of locating and borrowing resources.

Humanities e-books

You can find e-books by accessing Library Search or by using the links below:

General e-books

You can find e-books by searching the Library Search or by using the links below:

Guide to printed stock

Classification numbers of books in the Education collections on Blue 1.

Subject Classification Number
Adult and Vocational Education Classification 379
Assessment & Evaluation  371.26
Classroom Management / Behaviour 371.5
Comparative Education 370.195
Continuing Education 374
Curriculum 375
Educational Management   371.2
Educational Psychology 371.77
Higher & University Education 378
ICT / E-Learning? 371.39445
Inclusion & Special Educational Needs 371.9
Inspection of Schools, HMI, Ofsted 379.15
Law of Education 370.13
Literacy 379.2
Multicultural Education 371.98
Open & Distance Learning 374.4
Planning & Systems Analysis 371.15
Primary Education 372
Research & Statistical Methods 370.78
Safety in Schools 371.71
School Improvement 371.2
Second Language Acquisition 375.42
Secondary Education 373
Teacher Training 371.146
Women's Education, Gender & Equality 376

Classification numbers and locations of additional reading material

Subject Classification Number Location
Challenging Behaviour / Discipline 362.2 Blue Area Floor 2
Computer-Assisted Language Learning 401 Blue Area Floor 3
Counselling (older books) 132 Blue Area Floor 2
Counselling 616.89 Blue Area Floor 2
Deaf Education / Human Communication 371.92 Blue Area Floor 2
Experiential Learning 154 Blue Area Floor 2
Interpersonal Communication / Group Dynamics / Social Psychology 136.8 Blue Area Floor 2
Social Research 307 Blue Area Floor 2
TESOL / TEFL 420.7 Blue Area Floor 3

Reference books

Dictionaries, handbooks and encyclopaedias

  • Altbach PG . International higher education: an encyclopedia. 1991 (Ref 378/A45)
  • Baker c & Jones SP. Encyclopedia of bilingualism and bilingual education. 1998 (Ref 370.3/B8)
  • Barrow R and Milburn G. Critical dictionary of educational concepts. 2nd ed 1990. (370.3/B6)
  • Law of Education. Butterworth, 9th ed (loose leaf) (370.13/L1)
  • Clark B R and Neave G. Encyclopedia of higher education. 1992. (370.3/E31)
  • Entwistle N. Handbook of educational ideas and practices. 1990. (370.2/E16)
  • Farrell M et al. Blackwell handbook of education. 1995. (370.942/F27)
  • Husen T & Postlethwaite N. International Encyclopedia of education. 1985 + supps. (370.3/E26)
  • MacKinnon D et al. Education in the UK: facts and figures. 1995. (370.3/M22)
  • Postlethwaite N. International encylopedia of national systems of education. 2nd, ed, 1995. (370.3/P4)

Directories, yearbooks and other reference sources

  • Education authorities directory and annual. Annual (Ref 370.942/E53)
  • Education yearbook. Annual (Ref 370.942/E60)
  • Hutchins J. Acronyms and initialisms in education. 6th ed, 1995. (Ref 370.3/H79)
  • Primary education directory. Annual (Ref 372.942/P57)
  • Smeaton RF. Researching education: reference tools and networks. 1999. (Ref 370.78/S95)
  • UNESCO/ICET. World directory of teaching and training institutions. (Ref 371.12/I16)
  • UNESCO Statistical yearbook. Annual. (Ref 370.3/U9)

Printed books, e-books and theses

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New book titles

The following titles reflect the most recent textbooks purchased by the University of Manchester Library for your studies and research.

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Locating books on the shelves

image of a bookshelfThe Library uses the Dewey Decimal Classification scheme (Dewey for short) to arrange books and other resources on the shelves so you can locate them easily. We're going to show you how to use Dewey to find a book at any Library site.

Inter-Library Loans service

The University of Manchester Library is one of the largest subscribers to e-journals and databases in the UK but we don’t have access to everything.

If you find that we don’t hold a book, report, journal article or conference paper that you need, you can use our Inter-Library Loans service.

How to find and access theses?

You can find further information on theses held at the University of Manchester and elsewhere on our theses guide.





Doctoral/Research Theses

Electronic versions of many open-access University of Manchester research theses, submitted from the 2010 session onwards, are available on Pure, the University of Manchester’s internal repository.

Using Google Books

It is worthwhile carrying out a search on Google Books to see if a book is available to view online.

If you have a reading list for your course and the books are in use by other students, you can check to see if it has been fully or partially digitised by Google.

Google Book Search
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