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Business and Management: Databases

What is a database?

Business databases contain Company Information, Market Research, Business News, ​Peer reviewed journal articles and conference proceedings. When you are carrying out your research for a piece of coursework you will need to search on more than one database to locate the relevant information. This is due to the fact that each database contains different journals so searching multiple databases is fairly important in order to locate the key information for your subject.

Accessing specialist financial research databases

Eddie Davies Finance Zone resources are available on campus and consist of Bloomberg, LSEG Refinitiv Workspace (with Datastream and SDC Platinum), and the Excel version of S&P Capital IQ Pro.

  • The Bloomberg Suite (2.011a) has 8 PCs running Bloomberg and Workspace
  • The Database Suite (2.011b) has 16 PCs running Workspace


Remote access

The complete LSEG Datastream database, and parts of the LSEG Workspace and S&P Capital IQ Pro databases, are only available from the Eddie Davies Finance Zone in the AMBS building. The FactSet database is only available on campus on a University-managed device using GlobalProtect. There is no remote access offered for these databases. We apologise for the inconvenience.

Researchers with a managed Windows 10 device may install Datastream and Capital IQ Pro Excel add-ins from the Software Center. After installation, these databases may be used anywhere.

Students and researchers can access SDC Platinum via LSEG Workspace online.

Databases: Markets and sectors. UK - Consumer and industrial

The University of Manchester Library subscribes to a number of databases providing market research & industry sector data from established market intelligence providers. These databases include tailored reports, statistical data, and the latest news from a variety of sectors. The scope of information varies from database to database:

Databases: International trade

Databases:Business news

The University of Manchester Library subscribes a number of excellent sources of trade and industry news (both current and historic). Trade and industry news can provide you with an essential understanding of current events and allows you to:

  • Track sector trends: latest developments influencing markets.
  • Track company trends: latest company developments eg: recent financial filings.
  • Track financial market trends: which stock is up, which stock is down.
  • Track latest economic trends: what is happening to influence the economy.
  • Track latest political events: find out what is influencing political decisions.

Databases: Markets and sectors. Sector specific - international

Business law

Key Database - Datastream

Datastream Navigator

Datastream gives you access to historical financial markets data and economic data worldwide.

It provides a range of charting and reporting tools that enable you to manipulate and display, or simply download that data in the way that you want.

A Microsoft Excel add-in enables you to access the Datastream database within LSEG Refinitiv Workspace- create and embed data requests that put the data you want straight into your spreadsheet.

Datastream data coverage:

  • Derivatives
  • Company fundamentals from Worldscope
  • Economics
  • Interest rates
  • Exchange rates
  • Equities
  • Equity indices
  • Fixed income securities and associated indices
  • Commodities

Databases: Countries and regions

Databases: International companies

Databases: UK Companies

Access to company information is provided through a variety of databases. Basic information on the range of companies covered, and type of information provided by each database is detailed below:

Specialist financial databases

The following databases are specialist research databases available mostly for registered final year undergraduate/postgraduate students and academic staff at Alliance Manchester Business School.

These databases provide very detailed current/historic information for a wide range of company and financial market data items and some do require a level of programming expertise to extract the data.

⚠ It is the responsibility of each individual user to ensure that they use our databases and datasets responsibly and in accordance with the terms and conditions specified by the vendor. For further information please contact Amar Nazir, Faculty Engagement Librarian to Alliance Manchester Business School.

The restricted access databases are described on another page.

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