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Widening Participation at the University of Manchester Library: Books and journals

How to find a book using Library Search

Use Library Search to search for books and journals; the catalogue listing will tell you the location of the item you’re looking for. The catalogue includes locations for all of the Library sites.

Finding a book

This is a typical book citation:

Abbott, P. & Sapsford, R. (1998) Research Methods for Nurses and the Caring Professions. 2nd edition. Buckingham: Open University Press, Buckingham.

To find this book on the Library Search, type the book title into the search box. There is also an Advanced option for a more detailed search.

This is what the catalogue record looks like:


Library Search provides details of the book's shelfmark and the area/floor location. It is important to make a note of the whole reference, including all numbers and letters, so that you can find the item.

Some of the numbers may be shared by other books on that floor, but the letters at the end of the reference (usually the first three letters of the author name) help to identify that particular book more accurately.

Finding journals using Library Search

This is a typical journal article citation:

McDaniel, E. and Anderson, P.A. ‘International patterns of interpersonal tactile communication: a field study.’  Journal of Nonverbal Behavior.  22(1): 59-74.

The article is written by E. McDaniel and P.A. Anderson, and it is published in the Journal of Nonverbal Behavior (note the American spelling of the title).

  • First, check whether the Library holds the journal title by accessing Library Search.
  • Click on the e-Journals A-Z tab and type the journal title into the search box and click search.
  • You need to remember (or make a note of) the year of publication, the volume and part numbers, and the page numbers of your article to see if we have the article you want.

Details of which years we have in electronic and printed copy are given in the  e-Journals A-Z link.

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