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Music libraries


Citing recorded music

This site from Western University is a useful guide to citing musical sources in your written work. It covers recorded and printed music, manuscripts and video recordings. Guidance on citing books, journal articles and electronic resources can be found on the library's Referencing Guide at the University of Manchester.


Gateways and collections of music resources

  • Music Resources is produced by the Sibelius Academy in Finland. It is a user-friendly, well-structured and wide-ranging list, which includes links to other meta lists and is a good place to start an exploration of music resources on the web.
  • Performing Arts Data Service  is a collection of digital resources including links to: digital image archive of Medieval music; Five centuries of Scottish music; Bach bibliography database; Beethoven bibliography database; Bate collection of musical instruments; Pitt Rivers Collection of musical instruments; Scottish music information centre and British Library music collections.
  • PORTAL is the British Academy's directory of online resources in the humanities and social sciences. It is designed as an entry point to available resources for those working in higher education and research.
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