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Counselling: Books

How do I access my reading lists?

You can access your course reading lists in Blackboard. Log in via MyManchester, then click the ‘Reading Lists Online’ link in the left-hand menu to see your lists, or use the link below:

Locating and Borrowing Books

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Find help and support with all aspects of locating and borrowing resources.

Guide to printed books

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Books on Blue 1

Subject Classification Number
Counselling in schools 371.425
Education 370 - 379

Books on Blue 2

Subject Classification Number
Alcohol abuse 616.861
Behaviour therapy (adults) 616.89142
Behaviour therapy (children) 618.9298142
Bereavement 136.893
Cancer (clinical) 616.992
Cancer (counselling) 616.994
Child care 362.7
Counselling (general) 132 and 616.8914
Counselling in prisons 343.8
Culture 301.2
Drama/art/play therapy 616.8914
Drug abuse 362.29 and 178.8
Family therapy 616.89156 and 362.8
Gay men and lesbians 176.9
Genetics and genetic counselling 616.042
Gestalt therapy 616.89143
Groupwork 361.4
Health services (NHS) 352.401
HIV/AIDS (clinical) 614.599392
HIV/AIDS (social) 352.57
Human psychology 136
Interpersonal communication 136.8
Marriage and families 362.8
Medicine 610 - 619
Men's health 613.04234
Mental health services 362.2
People with physical disabilities 136.6
Psychiatry 616.89
Psychoanalysis 616.8917
Psychology 130
Psychotherapy 616.8914
Race and ethnic issues 136.4
Sexuality (psychology) 136.1
Social work 361.2
Sociology 310
Sociology of health 352.4
Transactional analysis 136.8
Women and feminism 396
Women's health 362.8392

Humanities e-books

You can find e-books by accessing Library Search or by using the links below:

General e-books

You can find e-books by searching the Library Search or by using the links below:

Printed books, e-books and theses

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New book titles

The following titles reflect the most recent textbooks purchased by the University of Manchester Library for your studies and research.

To have this list show up in your own RSS feed, click "Feed" at the bottom of this page. 

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Locating books on the shelves

image of a bookshelfThe Library uses the Dewey Decimal Classification scheme (Dewey for short) to arrange books and other resources on the shelves so you can locate them easily. We're going to show you how to use Dewey to find a book at any Library site.

How to find and access theses?

You can find further information on theses held at the University of Manchester and elsewhere on our theses guide.





Doctoral/Research Theses

Electronic versions of many open-access University of Manchester research theses, submitted from the 2010 session onwards, are available on Pure, the University of Manchester’s internal repository.

Using Google Books

It is worthwhile carrying out a search on Google Books to see if a book is available to view online.

If you have a reading list for your course and the books are in use by other students, you can check to see if it has been fully or partially digitised by Google.

Google Book Search

Inter-Library Loans service

The University of Manchester Library is one of the largest subscribers to e-journals and databases in the UK but we don’t have access to everything.

If you find that we don’t hold a book, report, journal article or conference paper that you need, you can use our Inter-Library Loans service.

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