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Archaeology: Guide to printed stock

Guide to printed stock

The main collections of books for Archaeology are on Blue 3. There are separate sequences for normal-sized books, folios and large folios. You can find exact locations by consulting the Floor Plan and Subject Location Guide on this floor.

The main classification numbers for books are 913 and its subdivisions. Numbers for the archaeology of ancient civilizations are as follows:

Classification numbers of books about the archaeology of ancient civilizations

Classification Number    Subject
913.32 Egypt
913.33 Palestine and Biblical archaeology
913.352 Assyria
913.354 Babylonia
913.355 Iran
913.37 Roman archaeology and Italy
913.375 Etruscan
913.38 Greece
913.388 Mycenaean
913.3915 Cycladic
13.3918 Crete and Minoan
913.392 Anatolia and Byzantine
913.394 Syria (including Ugarit and the Phoenicians)
913.397 North Africa

The archaeology of Prehistoric Europe is not divided into periods but is assigned geographically:

Classification numbers of books concerning the archaeology of Prehistoric Europe

Classification Number Subject
913.4 Europe as a whole
913.42 Britain
913.43  Germany
913.44 France
913.46 Spain
913.47   Russia
913.48 Scandinavia

Note that further subdivisions can be used for books on the archaeology of particular counties or provinces within countries.

Important subdivisions by topic are as follows:

Classification numbers of books concerning important subdivisions within archaeology

Classification Number Subject
913 Archaeology in general
913.07 Methodology and new archaeology
913.0728 Scientific techniques
913.3808  Vase painting

You can find printed journals in Archaeology in the humanities journals sequence on Orange 3, Orange 2 and Orange 1. An alphabetical list of all the electronic journals to which the Library subscribes, in all subject areas, is available. Most e-journals are available only to University of Manchester staff and students.

You can find copies of some core reading material in the High Demand Collection on Blue Ground.

Extra copies of many texts are also available in the Art and Archaeology Site Library, which is in the Mansfield Cooper Building.

Collections includes Art and Archaeology books that supplement the stock of the Main Library and contain copies of recommended reading and core texts. There are also undergraduate and postgraduate theses/dissertations and Art History journals.

The DVD/Video collection contains feature films and documentaries.

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