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Archaeology: Books

How do I access my reading lists?

You can access your course reading lists in Blackboard. Log in via MyManchester, then click the ‘Reading Lists Online’ link in the left-hand menu to see your lists, or use the link below:

Using Library Search

pile of books in hand

Find help and support with all aspects of locating using and borrowing resources.

Humanities e-books

You can find e-books by accessing Library Search or by using the links below:

General e-books

You can find e-books by searching the Library Search or by using the links below:

Printed books, e-books and theses


Inter-Library Loans service

The University of Manchester Library is one of the largest subscribers to e-journals and databases in the UK but we don’t have access to everything.

If you find that we don’t hold a book, report, journal article or conference paper that you need, you can use our Inter-Library Loans service.

Using Google Books

It is worthwhile carrying out a search on Google Books to see if a book is available to view online.

If you have a reading list for your course and the books are in use by other students, you can check to see if it has been fully or partially digitised by Google.

Google Book Search

How to find and access theses?

Hard copy PhD theses before 2009 produced at The University of Manchester are held at the Joule Library.

You can search Library Search for a thesis, make a note of the shelfmark (eg Th 16574), bring the number to the issue counter and we will retrieve it for you. Please note that they are reference only and cannot be removed from the Library.

We do not hold Masters or undergraduate theses.

Below is a link to our dedicated thesis support page.





Doctoral/Research Theses

Electronic versions of many open-access University of Manchester research theses, submitted from the 2010 session onwards, are available on Pure, the University of Manchester’s internal repository.

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