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Systematic reviews

Support we can provide

Support can be offered at different stages of your research and advice can be given on:

  • The range of search terms you have accumulated and how you can expand them.
  • Which databases and other subject resources that could be used to supplement those already used.
  • How to replicate searches on other (alternative) databases.
  • Search checking – this may take several steps as your search/es are modified and developed.

Contact us

If you have any queries about this service please email:

About the service

The University Library's systematic review service is primarily aimed at medical and human sciences postgraduate students (including those who are also staff) whose degree course explicitly specifies that a systematic review is required as part of their studies.

The service is an advisory service. The Library cannot conduct systematic reviews on behalf of staff, students or research/project groups.

If you are a postgraduate student embarking on a systematic review and need help with your searches, this guide should be a good starting point. If you have carried out some preliminary searches and you would like us to look at these you can send them to us using the channels outlined below.

The systematic review service offers feedback and guidance on your searches via email or appointment.

Requesting support

Help us to help you!

  • If you are unsure of the range of resources that are available for your subject, have a look at the subject guide for your school, and also explore the guides for related disciplines. These contain details of the main resources commonly used by those subjects; the database sections give a summary of the research areas those databases cover. You may come across other resources you may not have previously thought of!

  • Explore the My Learning Essentials workshops and online resources. Many of these will provide useful building blocks from getting you started to developing your research techniques further.


  • When contacting us include as much detail as possible about your searches and preparatory work for the review so that we are better prepared and more able to help you.



"Thank you very much for your comments [sent via email]. These have been really very useful and have made me think about my search terms from another perspective."


"Thanks for responding so quickly, its really helpful to hear someone else's opinion.   I'm relieved that I'm not doing it entirely wrong and it is just a very specialist area.  I will run the searches again using the correct truncation terms, and think a bit more about the types of search terms I could use."


"Thanks so much for all the detailed information. This really is a great help."

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