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Business and Management: Resources


Welcome to the Resources pages for Business and Management. There is a range of databases, ejournals and specialist financial databases to help with your studies.  Select a link to access the resource/s  you need:

  • Books: access to searching and finding books and ebooks
  • Databases: for a range of company information, market research, business news, international trade and countries/regions information
  • Journal articles: access to the Library’s extensive ejournals collection
  • Specialist financial databases : a range of datasets with detailed current and historic financial information for a wide range of company and financial market data items

Precinct Library

The Precinct Library is located in The University of Manchester Precinct Centre on Oxford Road.It serves the needs of the Manchester Business School and customers in the disciplines of business and management.

The Eddie Davies Library is now closed until early 2017. All printed resources, including books and journals, are now located at Precinct Library - please return any borrowed books to this location.

A new facility, the Library Finance Zone@Dover Street, with increased access to these services opened on Monday 13 April. Dover Street supports the teaching, learning and research activities of the Manchester Business School community and is a dedicated hub for MBA and Postgraduate programmes. The Library Finance Zone is situated on the ground floor in rooms G.010 Database Suite and G.013 Bloomberg Suite. 

My Learning Essentials

Planning ahead: making your search work
Searching for information is easy. Finding a manageable number of high-quality, relevant results can be more difficult. This resource explores the process of planning a search to ensure that you get the best results for your work. It also highlights techniques you can use to refine your searches if you don’t get the results you expect first time around.

Knowing where to look: your search toolkit
There are so many places to search for information to include in your academic work, it can often be difficult to know where to start. To enable you to make an informed choice when selecting where to search for information, this resource explores Google, Google Scholar, subject databases and Library Search, highlighting their strengths and weaknesses.

Study strategies for success
Understanding how you work best and adapting your study practices to maximise your strengths can help you to become a more successful student. This resource explores a variety of strategies you can use to get the most out of your lectures, notes and revision.

View all workshops and online resources in this area on the My Learning Essentials webpages.

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