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Business and Management: Support

Business research skills training

The Business Data Service runs a series of open training sessions throughout the year on various databases, financial datasets and specific research topics.

The training provided will help improve your knowledge of Business and Management resources and develop your research skills for individual assignments, group projects and/or dissertation/theses research.

For further information  please contact the Business Data Service:

Tel: 0161 275 6515‚Äč

Research Consultation sessions for business data

Drop-in sessions for business data queries. Our Research Consultation sessions will run every Thursday afternoon from 2.30pm to 4.30pm (location Dover Street G.010). These provide a drop in facility for specialist help with our full suite of financial databases.

Come and visit us on one of these afternoons  if you are having difficulty retrieving data from our databases. If you email your query in advance to (and clearly mark your message "Research Consultation") then we will be able to help you better.

Bloomberg Market Concepts Certification

Bloomberg Market Concepts is an online course, which covers over 70 Bloomberg related functions. As a University of Manchester student, you can complete the course and get certification for a free. The modules within the course include:


  1. Economic indicators
  2. Currencies
  1. Fixed income
  2. Equities

As part of each module, you will watch short video clips before completing a number of multiple-choice questions. There are also two further in-depth questions. The first centers of which is about a Bloomberg News story, and the second, relates to a currency conversion matrix. 

On average, it takes 8 to 10 hours to work through the modules, which you can space out over a number of sessions. However, you cannot resubmit any answers. You will have 12 months or until they graduate (whichever is sooner) to complete all four modules. 

The 'Bloomberg Market Concepts' course needs to be undertaken on a Bloomberg terminal. Please read 'Accessing specialist financial research databases' at the top of this page to find out where these are located. 

Guides: Using specialist financial databases

Keyboard coloured purple

The Using specialist business database guides are written to help students and researchers to make effective and accurate use of the specialist financial and business databases available at The University of Manchester. They are designed to help you to help yourselves, where possible. The guides titled “Getting help in [name of database]” will direct you to the training and support that is offered by the provider of that database. The other guides offer tips, research skills and common pitfalls to avoid. Some of our workshop handouts are here too.

If you find that these guides are not enough, you may wish to search our blog Business Research Plus for older posts that go into much more detail.

How are the guides organised?

Visit the guides homepage for a list of all the guides. They are organised into the following topics.

  • Research skills
  • Bloomberg
  • Capital IQ
  • Datastream
  • SDC Platinum
  • Thomson ONE
  • WRDS

My Learning Essentials

My learning essentials workshopsMy learning essentials online resources

Business Research Plus blog

Business Research Plus is a research blog with two main goals.

Firstly, it is a research tool designed to provide students and staff at the Manchester Business School and the University of Manchester with specialist advice and support.  It provides advice and guidance on the comprehensive range of business and management resources available to them.  It also intends to maximise their use of these resources through the provision of expert informed comment and research assistance from library staff.  The library team supports the research and teaching needs of one of the world’s leading business schools and is part of the University of Manchester Library, one of the UK’s great research libraries.  The team is therefore uniquely placed to add real value to student and faculty research needs.  This blog is one of our growing range of services.

Secondly, it is acts as both a resource tool and forum for business researchers and business information professionals across the globe.  It encourages debate, generating ideas and discussion on the full range of business information provision and the support of business research.

Datastream Certification

As a University of Manchester student you can undertake Datastream Certification for free. The tutorials and exam are both online and can be taken anywhere at any time. There are 130 tutorials in total covering:

  • Understanding the range of data available
  • Searching for data
  • Working with different chart types
  • Working in MS Office
  • Analytics and tools
  • Exploring the data content

It will take around 10 hours to complete all the tutorials

The exam takes the form of an online 60 minute multiple-choice questionnaire.  In total there are 30 questions and you will need a pass mark of 80% or higher to pass.  However if you don’t pass on your first attempt you can have one additional attempt.  Additional attempts do not need to be taken immediately.

Before you take the exam you might want to use these sample questions provided to help with your revision. It will also aid your revision to note down and answer questions used during the tutorials.

To start the Examination go to and select ‘Request A Token’ from the left hand menu. This will send you an email, with a link to begin the exam.

Once you have clicked the link in your email you will be given 60 minutes to complete all 30 exam questions. You may want to complete the exam at Dover Street so you can have Datastream open in a separate window to refer to during the exam. If you achieve a pass of 80 per cent or more, there will be a link to your PDF certificate. 

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